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  • "VCC has bad customer service every time I try to reach out with them it’s always the people you looking for is the phone I call multiple time and get the same results POOR SERVICE"

    Overall Rating:
    James Henry - Aberdeen, MS
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience at Village Cycle Center! I have never met a nicer, more accommodating and courteous group of employees assembled in one place in my entire life (and I'm an old man!). Mr. Carl Ivey could make a living selling tickets to one of his story telling sessions, and I would be the first in line to buy a ticket for the front row. I currently live in Olive Branch, MS (soon to be Columbus, MS) where there is a large cycle center. Of course I shopped there but the fact I bought from VCC tells you that the deals on machines as well as parts are much better in Starkville. I do not have any experience in VCC service department, but if it is anything like other departments, you can't go wrong! Just to reiterate, I highly recommend Village Cycle Center!"

    Overall Rating:
    Bubba Randall - Plive Branch, MS
  • "Working with Traci and Mr ivy was an awesome experience. The service was great. The process was very smooth and timely."

    Overall Rating:
    Bart Williams - Starkville, MS
  • "I ran out of gas right near this store and Carl immediately dropped what he was doing to help me. Without his help, I would have missed a very important Veterinary Physiology quiz. For him to do this for me without expecting anything in return really highlights the kind of service you will receive from this center."

    Overall Rating:
    Alex Shealy - Starkville, MS
  • "I have bought 3 motorcycles from Carl in the last 3 years I had a problem with one of them Carl and his staff jump right on it fixed it that why I am a repeat cutomer they make me fill right at home. Thanks, Carl"

    Overall Rating:
    Mark Baldwim - Columbus, MS
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